Gege Wen 2023 Early Career Fellow
Affiliation Assistant Professor, Imperial College London Hard Problem Made game-changing contributions by having AI address one or more of humanity’s greatest challenges and opportunities.

Gege Wen is an incoming assistant professor at Imperial College London, co-appointed by the Earth Science Engineering department and the newly launched I-X initiative on Artificial Intelligence. She obtained her Ph.D. in Energy Sciences and Engineering at Stanford University, advised by Professor Sally M. Benson. Prior to her Ph.D., she received her M.S. in Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology from Stanford University and her B.S. in Mineral Engineering from the University of Toronto. Her research interest is developing computational methods for Earth and environmental science problems to help fulfill society’s energy needs and transition toward a low-carbon future. She specializes in (1) multiphase flow and transport for CO2 geological storage, (2) sustainable subsurface energy storage, and (3) ML for scientific computing.

AI2050 Project

Our planet faces critical climate challenges that demand quick energy transition and greenhouse gas emission reduction. Subsurface geological formations provide an abundant resource that can store clean energy in the form of hydrogen. This technology enables the transition towards a clean energy system and a low-carbon society. However, hydrogen storage poses unique challenges due to its mysterious reactions with the subsurface formations. Gege Wen’s AI2050 project is to develop AI that can help us discover unknown physics from experimental data and accelerate the understanding of the hydrogen storage process. This project will pave the way for a cleaner, sustainable future.