John Zerilli 2022 Early Career Fellow
Hard Problem Co-evolve societal systems and what it means to be human in the age of AI

John Zerilli is a philosopher with particular interests in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and the law. He is Chancellor’s Fellow (Assistant Professor) in AI, Data, and the Rule of Law at the University of Edinburgh, a Research Associate in the Oxford Institute for Ethics in AI at the University of Oxford, and an Associate Fellow in the Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge. Before taking up his current post, he was a Leverhulme Fellow at the University of Oxford. He was also called to the Sydney bar in 2011. His two most recent books are The Adaptable Mind (Oxford University Press, 2020) and A Citizen’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence (MIT Press, 2021).

AI2050 Project

Through this fellowship, John is advancing the project: “Democracy, Rights, and the Rule of Law in the Data-Driven Society.” The project seeks to make headway on the many ramifications of data for traditional concepts of political and legal theory (especially legitimacy, democracy, rights, and procedural justice).

Project Artifacts

AI2050 Community Perspective — John Zerilli (2023)