Sam Kriegman 2022 Early Career Fellow
Hard Problem Leverage AI to address humanity’s greatest challenges and deliver positive benefits for all

Sam Kriegman is an Assistant Professor of computer science, chemical and biological engineering, and mechanical engineering at Northwestern University. Sam received his PhD in computer science and the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from the University of Vermont in 2020. He conducted postdoctoral research in the biology department at Tufts University and Harvard University. A Cozzarelli Prize recipient, he is the co-creator of the world’s first AI-designed organisms (the “xenobots”).

AI2050 Project

Through this fellowship, Sam seeks to automate the discovery and creation of novel technologies in a computationally efficient manner. This could revolutionize society’s ability to rapidly and cost-effectively design new kinds of useful devices, such as autonomous robots, new kinds of biological constructs, such as organoids, as well as new kinds of materials, such as metamaterials. If successful, this would not only accelerate progress in science and engineering but would also release these endeavors from the bias and limits of human imagination.

Project Artifacts

AI2050 Community Perspective — Sam Kriegman (2023)

M. Li, D. Matthews, and S. Kriegman. Reinforcement learning for freeform robot design. arXiv. 2023.

D. Matthews, A. Spielberg, D. Rus, S. Kriegman, and J. Bongard. Efficient automatic design of robots. PNAS. 2023.