Sina Fazelpour 2022 Early Career Fellow
Hard Problem Develop more capable and more general AI, that is useful, safe and earns public trust

Sina Fazelpour is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science at Northeastern University. His research focuses on issues of justice and diversity in relation to AI technologies. He also works on understanding the concepts and consequences of diversity in social networks. He is the 2020-21 Council Fellow on the World Economic Forum’s Data Policy Global Future Council. In addition to a Ph.D. in Philosophy, he holds an M.Sc in medical biophysics and a B.Eng in biomedical engineering.

AI2050 Project

AI tools are increasingly deployed in many organizational settings to assist or collaborate with human experts. Through this fellowship, Sina will develop a framework for integrating our functional and ethical values into human-AI teams, in ways that leverage the diverse and complementary capabilities of AI tools and human experts.

Project Artifacts

AI2050 Community Perspective — Sina Fazelpour (2023)