Stephanie Dinkins 2023 Senior Fellow
Affiliation Kusama Professor of Art, Stony Brook University Hard Problem Solved the challenges and complexities of responsible research, deployment, and sociotechnical embedding of AI into different use-domains, societal spaces, and accounting for different cultures, participants, stakes, risks, societal risks and externalities, and market and other forces.

Stephanie Dinkins is a transmedia artist who creates experiences that spark dialogue about race, gender, aging, and our future histories. Her art practice centers emerging technologies, documentary practices, and social collaboration toward technological ecosystems based on care and social equity. Dinkins’ experiences with explorations of AI have led to a deep interest in improving the impacts of algorithmic systems on people of the global majority.

Dinkins exhibits and publicly advocates for inclusive AI internationally. She has received support and numerous awards, including the inaugural LG-Guggenheim Award for artists working at the intersection of art and technology (2023); Sundance Artist of Practice Fellowship(2022); United States Artist Fellowship(2021); Knight Arts & Tech Fellowship(2021); the Creative Capital Grant (2019); Onassis Foundation; Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence; Soros Equality Fellowship; Data and Society Research Institute Fellowship; Sundance New Frontiers Story Lab,’ Eyebeam; Pioneer Works Tech Lab; NEW INC; Blue Mountain Center; The Laundromat Project; Santa Fe Art Institute; and Art/Omi.

In 2023 Time Magazine named Dinkins to the Time100 list of the 100 most influential people in AI.  Wired, Art In America, Artsy, Art21, Hyperallergic, the BBC, Wilson Quarterly, and a host of popular podcasts have highlighted Dinkins’ art and ideas.

AI2050 Project

The stories we tell ourselves about what is valuable within the breadth of civilization and who gets to contribute to and disseminate human stories are crucial to AI outcomes. New AI Narratives uses arts-centered research to(re)imagine our myths and stories for the AI Age and advocates for AI ecosystems that promote societal care, justice, and equity. The project models alternative pathways toward supportive futures and fosters an expansive society based on respect, mutuality, abundance, and cooperation across perceived human differences, species, and computational machines. Through collaborative research and multidisciplinary convening, New AI Narratives encourages others to do the same.