Gissella Bejarano 2022 Early Career Fellow
Hard Problem Develop more capable and more general AI, that is useful, safe and earns public trust

Gissella Bejarano is a Peruvian scientist whose current research is Sign Language Processing. During her doctoral studies at Binghamton University, she focused on machine learning for smart cities’ problems. She holds a master’s in Computer Science thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, also at Binghamton University. In addition, she has broad academic, industry, and governmental experiences, such as serving on a committee of experts to create a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Peru.

AI2050 Project

In sign languages, iconicity is the property of certain signs to correspond in form with their meaning. Through this fellowship, Gissella will analyze the role of iconicity in analogical reasoning. She will train a machine learning model to generate images based on signs for that aim. And she will measure the extension of the learned representations through transfer learning on not only another sign language but in non-verbal communication of hearing people.

Project Artifacts

AI2050 Community Perspectives — Gissella Bejarano (2023)